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Beaches and Marinas in Almeria.


Almeria's beaches are some of the best in Southern Spain, in fact the voted by the public best beach in Spain is in Almeria.


Because Almeria is the last bastion in tourism, in Andalucia.  The beaches very rarely get so busy that you are unable to find space to have that all important sunbathe and swim.



Agua Amarga


Agua Amarga is a sheltered bay flanked by cliffs, its 800m long beach has beautiful turquoise waters which are excellent for diving, swimming and many other water sports.  The area has undergone some sympathetic regeneration, now giving amenities close to the beach.





Lovely 2500m long beaches situated by the lovely town of Aguadulce, there are lifeguards in attendance throughout the summer.  This beach gets busy in the summer.





This town is very clean and has a great holiday feel, it has one of the largest boating marinas in Spain where you can spend hours looking at the different boats and yachts which are moored there, or you can just watch the schools of fish that swim around the marinas looking for food.  The marinas have some really nice cafe bars & restaurants around them.

There are absolutely kilometres of beaches which extend into the nature reserve, where you can enjoy some great bird watching.



Cabo de Gata


This is one of the most tranquil beaches in Almeria, situated at the most southerly point of this fantastic Nature reserve, here you will find an absolute massive expanse of beaches and probably hardly anyone around.  There is bird sanctuary near by, which makes for great bird watching.  Beware there are scant resources here - no toilets etc.  Although it is a short drive from towns nearby for you lunch and necessary ablutions.



El Algarrobico


Situated between Carboneras and Mojacar Playa, this beach is now being spoilt by a monstrosity of a part illegal and part legal hotel being built directly behind the beach.  This was a very remote untouched and tranquil beach, which is soon to become very busy.



El Lancon - Carboneras


This typically Spanish town, hardly touched by foreign tourism has a lovely beach and promenade, which makes for lovely evening walking.  The beach is sandy/small gravel, the waters edge is smooth rock and quite slippery, therefore a little dangerous for children and the elderly.  Although the surf is great and the area is great for diving.  There is an island approx 500m from the shore and it is prohibited to swim to it, as it is a bird sanctuary, although there are no signs telling you this.  But take it from me when you get back to shore after a long swim you will be accosted by a burly gentleman telling you are not allowed over there.  There are plenty of facilities here, bars, restaurants, showers on the beach, play areas for children and even a funky outdoor gymnasium for fitness fanatics.



El Monsul - San Josť


This beach is glorious, it boasts the finest of sandy beaches and absolutely gorgeous crystal clear water.  The beach is only a short drive from San Josť.



El Somberico - Mojacar Playa


This a quiet beach it has shallow waters more suitable for children swimming and is a great tranquil location.  There are no facilities.





The town is a harbour town and this beach is located on the harbour, it is very calm here due to the breakwater and makes for a very safe beach for children.  The beach offers some activities for children - play areas, table tennis etc.  The town also has a marina where you can walk around and view the different boats and yachts.  between 5-6pm you can sit back and watch the fisherman returning with their catch to sell in the fish market - big green building on the port.



Genoveses - San Josť


This is a very quiet beach located a few kilometres outside San Josť.  There is ample parking here and the beach is a short walk from the parking area.



La Garrofa


A very small beach by cliffs with deep calm waters, it is not a good place to take young children swimming.  There is a small parking area near by but to get to the beach you have to cross the campsite at Garrofa where there is a cafeteria and toilet facilities.  The beach also has a lifeguard and is regularly cleaned.



Las Negras


The town is a small town with bars and restaurants, the beaches are busy in summer and offer water sports etc.  There are toilets and showers on the beach.



Las Olas - Almeria City


The beach has deep calm waters. There is a promenade to walk along  and a lifeguard in attendance.  Next to the beach is the fishing quarter near the fishing port of Almeria which is a great place to try some fish and seafood.



Los Esculos - Cabo de Gata


The beaches here are quite remote and the facilities offered are sparse.  The diving is good and the water is crystal clear.  In summer this beach is fairly busy, but you will always find room to set up your pitch.



Playa de Los Muertos - Carbonares


This beach was recently voted the best beach in Spain, the beach is sandy and absolutely beautiful the waters are crystal clear and the location - south of Carboneras is absolutely stunning. Worth a visit at any time of year.  Although I would imagine that it will get busy in summer due to being ranked the best.



Macenas - Mojacar Playa


This a quiet beach located near Mojacar Playa, it is now being flanked by a beachfront golf course, which will be good for the discerning golfers to go to once you have dropped the partner and the kids off on the beach.



Mojacar Playa


This beach is situated along a Mojacar Playa, offering numerous bars, cafes, & restaurants, lots of play areas for children.

There are approx 15km of beach and it rarely gets too busy.



Playa de Balerma -  Adra


This beach has showers and toilets nearby an is located near Adra in the south of Almeria.



Puerta Rey


Puerta Rey has a few restaurants and a few shops dotted along it, there are showers situated on the beach and few places where you can hire beds.  The sea is fairly shallow for some way out and makes good playing for children.



Playa del Penon Blanco - Cabo de Gata


This beach like so many in the Cabo de Gata is quite often deserted and you can almost feel like you are the people around for miles.  Until summer comes, when there will be a few more tourists about.  There are no facilities here.



Retamar - extremity of the Cabo de Gato


The beach is long and not very busy at any time of the year, there are showers on the beach but very little else around.



Roquetas del Mar


The beaches here extend the whole front of Roquetas and have plat areas showers and toilet facilities.  The Front has lots of Bars, Cafes & Restaurants.  Roquetas is a typical seaside town with all the trimmings and trappings.  A good day out.  The beach does get busy in the height of the summer.



San Josť - Cabo de Gata


Glorious beaches here with showers and toilets nearby, these beaches very get busy until mid summer.  yet another place on the Cabo de Gata that is untouched.  San Josť is small coastal village with a few restaurants and bars.



San Juan de los Terreros


The beaches of San Juan are quite beautiful and the sea is very shallow and suitable for children.  The beach has a lovely promenade with numerous chiringuitos and restaurants.

This beach is a blue flag beach and all facilities - showers and toilets etc.



San Miguel - Almeria City<


This beach is a blue flag beach and is in the capital of Almeria.  San Miguel beach is crowded in mid summer and the promenade is shaded by palm trees and offers numerous restaurants offering a range of culinary delights.  There are several places to hire water sports equipment and there are places for children to play.



Vera Playa


The beaches here are flanked by developments, restaurants and bars.  It is just under 7km long and very wide, therefore even in the height of summer the beach is never overcrowded.

The shore is quite shallow and good for children.  There are showers and toilets, and lifeguards patrol this beach.  Although beware not to stumble into the naturist part, unless of course this is what you want to do.





The beaches here are quite stony and rocky.  The best thing about the area is the village has two little marinas, plenty of little restaurants and bars.  Makes for quite a nice day out.




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