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Caves in Almeria.


The caves of Almeria offer both a look into the past and history of ancient Almeria, and the fantastic geology of the region.



La Geoda de Pulpi



In december 1999, members from Madrid’s Mineralogist Group discovered Pulpí’s Geode in Mina Rica, a colossal mineral geode measuring 8 metres length times 2 metres height fully covered in huge gypsum crystals. It’s lined with gypsum crystals, some of them measuring 2 metres long. Its transparency and spotlessness make it a wonder of nature. Given its dimensions as well its crytal size, transparency and perfection, this is a unique phenomenon worldwide (Calaforra & García-Guinea, 2000).

The origin of this outlandish geode can be explained in two stages: the gap formation and the subsequent mineral deposit on the inside. The gap was produced by dolomite karstifications that make up the Sierra del Aguilón, accompanied hidro-termal volcanic shots. The mineral deposit could follow a mixed model (Karstic and hidro-termal).



Cuevas de Sorbas.



The caves at Sorbas are of Gypsum Karst and there are differing types of tours, ranging from a 1 hour easy tour to a 4 hour difficult tour for the fit and agile.


It is suggested that you visit the exhibition centre first to understand the formations and the importance of the Karst.


It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing and footwear and book in advance for the above routes.>

To make reservations Tel: 950 364 704.



Cueva de los Letreros



The Cueva de los Letreros are particularly spectacular because of their prehistoric cave paintings. the caves are located 3km outside the town of Velez Rubio. To find the cave follow the A317 north until you reach a petrol station on the left, next to which is a signed turning to the cave.


To gain entry to the site you will need to obtain the key. The key is held at the Almacen del Trigo information office in Vélez Blanco which is located at the far end of the town, you need to deposit your passport with them and they will give you the key.


The cave can be reached by following a path which starts from behind the petrol station.  The paths veers left before ascending steeply to a stairway which climbs halfway up a cliff to the fenced off rock shelter. This walk is about a kilometre in length. When you have gained access through the gate into the compound, you will observe surprisingly fresh looking red and brown sketches of human figures, birds, animals, astronomical signs and indalos which have been dated to around 4000 BC and are amongst the oldest representations of people and animals in the world.



Cueva del Gabar


Even more impressive than the nearby Cueva de los Letreros are the paintings at La Cueva del Gabar, to the north of Vélez Blanco.


The paintings here are in a better state of preservation, this cave can only be visited with a guide. The tourist information office at Vélez Rubio or the town hall at Vélez Blanco will advise you on a guide, the guide will provide you with a ladder and rope to assist you with ascending the sheer rock face, this is of course one of the reasons why they have survived more or less intact.>




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