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Fiestas in Almeria.


The are many festivals, carnivals and fiestas through out the year across the whole region of Almeria.  It is a great way to meet the local people and enjoy their customs and traditions.  The culture here is just spectacular and great fun.  Some of the best fiestas are the Virgen del Carmen and the Moors and Christians.


January 5th - Three Kings Procession - Huércal Overa has a procession for the three kings and is well established tourist attraction.


January 6th - Día de los Reyes. Three kings day.  This traditionally is the day that gifts are given in Spain, this is the day the three kings arrived in Bethlehem and presented Christ with their gifts.


20th January - Fiesta del Pan (Fiesta of Bread) in honour of San Sabastián in Lubrin.



February - Carnivals wind their way through the streets of many towns in the region.  There usually is a lot of dancing and singing, eating, drinking before the arrival of Lent.  The biggest procession in the area is just over the border in Murcia, in the town of Águilas.  The town of Águilas is only 35-40 minutes drive to the coast from our B&B.  The procession is absolutely stunning and well worth a visit, but be prepared to stay out for a long time as the carnival is renowned as being one of the largest in Europe.


Feb 15th - Vélez Blanco Carnival.


February 28th - Día de Andalucia, Andalucia day, celebrated throughout the autonomous region.



March 19th - Día de San Jose. This is Father's day in Spain and usually the locals will venture into the countryside for a relaxing picnic.

March/April - Semana Santa, Easter Week.   This is probably one of the biggest events in Spain, particularly in Huércal Overa.  There are processions through the streets with people carrying large statues from their places of storage to the churches.  It is spectacle and not to be missed.



April 25th - Día de San Marcos,  is important to the farmers of Adra.



May 1st - Fiesta de Trabajo: Labour Day, it is also Mothers Day in Spain and a National holiday.


First week in May - The village of La Hoya has a fiesta with live music and the alcohol flows well into the night for three days and nights.


12th and 13th May - Huércal Overa Carnival.


May 15th - Los Gallardos celebrates San Isidrio

May 15th - Cuevas del Almanzora Carnival.

May 15th- 20th - Turre Romeria de San Isidrio and carnival.



June 10th - Moors and Christians - the streets of Mojacar and Carboneras are taken back to the conflict between the Moors and Christians and there are many parades over a period of usually 3 or 4 days.


June 24th - Día de San Juan, St John's Day.   This fiesta involves the locals going to the beaches and basically having a party, eating, drinking and dancing.  They light big fires at midnight, which in turn tells people that it is time to wash their faces in the sea to wash away their sins.  They usually go swimming at the shoreline and then get close to the fires to dry off.  There are some organised firework displays and discos setup on the beaches in Mojacar.  This is a great night to take a picnic, cold box full of beer and wine and chillout on the beach.  Mojacar is probably best for this and it is only 40 minutes away from our B&B.  It is great night out!!!



July 16th - Fiesta of the Virgen del Carmen, this fiesta has it's origins buried deep in the 13th century and is the patron saint of sailors and predominantly fisherman.  The tradition is for fisherman to decorate their boats and take a statue of Carmen to sea.  This fiesta is celebrated along the coast from Cadiz up to Villaricos.  Some inland towns also celebrate the fiesta, namely Purchena, Tijola, Velez Rubio, Arboleas, Huércal Overa, Los Gallardos and Zurgena.


July 25th & 26th - Fiesta of the Apóstol Santiago, this is gypsy and flamenco fiesta and is major fiesta for the town of Turre.



August - Summer Festivals are held all over Almeria, but especially in Vélez Rubio with music, dancing and plenty to eat and drink. The festival is held during the first week of August, it is declared as a festival of national tourist interest of Andalucia and just can't be missed!!!  Velez Rubio is 30 minutes drive over a stunning mountain road from our Bed and Breakfast.


August - If you can't make the first week of August then the Summer Festival in Vélez Blanco which is held in the second week of August and offers very similar festivities.


14th August - Illuminations in Lubrin.



September 5th - 10th - The FairAdra’s fair is considered to be the second most important in the province of Almería  The patron saint is la Virgen del Mar, who is taken out in a procession on September 8, while San Nicolás de Tolentino is celebrated on the 10th with a procession through el Barrio, the old town.


September 8th - Virgen de la Cabeza, this is the main fiesta of the locality and it is when her image is taken from the church to the Hermitage where she is offered floral tributes after the pilgrimage.



December 6th - Día de la constitución Española, Spanish Constitution Day, national holiday.


December 8th - Día de Concepción Inmaculada, Immaculate Conception, national holiday.


December - Christmas. Celebrations take place throughout the Christmas season with folklore groups from across the country filling the streets with their music. The Spanish have their main Christmas celebration on 24th December, Christmas Eve. This is a family occasion celebrated in the home with lots of drinking and eating.

Throughout the week between Christmas and New Year the Town of Huércal Overa has a Christmas Market, where you can buy arts and crafts and apothecary items etc.



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